Application for admission to Doctorate studies

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    Document Nr.
    Date of birth (dd/mm/yyyy): (*)

  • (*) Only if you are or have been a student or member of staff at the URV

    If you are or have been a student of the URV, your personal details will appear automatically and the system will not allow you to make any changes. Therefore, if you find any mistakes in your personal details, you can either write the correct information on the "Additional Information" form or contact the Postgraduate and Doctoral School.

  • ID document number*:
    • Spanish candidates: DNI (Spanish identity document): do not enter the final letter.
    • Foreign candidates: Passport (including letter/s) or NIE (including only first letter).

      If you are a foreign candidate, you must always select Passport or NIE as an identify document. The option DNI is only for students with Spanish nationality.

      If you do not currently have a passport or other document stating the NIE, you can provisionally pre-register with any other identity document; however, to complete the registration process and also to request the issuance of your certificate, you must present one of these two valid documents.

  • Once you confirm your pre-enrolment, you will receive an e-mail with instructions to upload your access documentation through your on-line pre-enrolment area.

  • Application period:
    • 1st period: from 8 July to 2 November 2020. (Pre-enrolment will be closed in August).
    • 2nd period: from 11 January to 1 March 2021.

  • For further information regarding academic issues, please contact the Doctorate's degree coordinator.